A 15139Your pet’s health is an important part of ensuring your pet has a long and happy life. There are daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that you can do to help contribute to this. Keep reading to learn some of our best tips!

It is important that dogs get daily exercise. This will keep their heart healthy, their weight optimal, their joints limber, and much more! We recommend that your pet gets at least thirty to sixty minutes of exercise each day. Whether you want to throw the frisbee around or take the whole family on a hike, make sure that something is done every day. Cats will also play with string or balls and even chase after light beams!

Feeding your pet a balanced diet will keep him or her healthy as well. Many of the pet foods out there are filled with ingredients that will not help pets become or stay healthy. We are happy to suggest a few healthy options according to your pet’s specific needs. Contact us to discuss this further.

Lastly, to ensure that your pet stays healthy, you should bring him or her in for a yearly veterinary examination. While checking for anything unusual, we will also be able to recommend any additional steps you should take in order to keep your animal healthy. We are here to help you and make sure that there is nothing that needs to be checked further. By bringing your pet to us regularly, we will be able to catch any problems right away. This will end up saving you time and money in the long run.

If you are like so many people out there and your pet is part of your family, you want to make sure that they live as long as possible. If you have any additional questions about the health of your pet or what you can do to help them become healthier, contact us today at (562) 697-3885.