VaccinationsHere at La Habra Animal Hospital & Pet Motel, we are firm believers in preventative care when it come to keeping pets healthy. This includes keeping your pets up to date on their vaccinations.

Vaccinations are made to protect pets from potentially harmful and sometimes deadly diseases. It is amazing that simple vaccinations can keep our pets healthy and disease-free!

Before you vaccinate your pets, be sure to discuss your location and your pets’ lifestyles with our staff and your veterinarian. There are a lot of different vaccinations, but not every pet needs to have every one of them. Core vaccinations like rabies and distemper are necessary for all pets. However, not every pet needs a vaccination against lyme disease or feline leukemia.

As animal lovers, we work hard to keep your pets as healthy as possible. To do this, we recommend vaccinating your pets with the core vaccinations. You may also want to give them additional vaccines if they spend a lot of time outside, around other animals, or in the woods.

When you come in for vaccines, it also gives us a chance to make sure your pets are doing well overall. If you have any concerns about your pets’ health, we can discuss them at your visit.

If you have any questions or are curious about the different vaccines we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (562) 697-3885.